Aug 20, 2014

H.R. Giger's alien Artbook

INFO:  72 Pages
The classic status of Alien, the movie, is in large part due to Academy-Award winning artist and designer H. R. Giger. This book provides a complete illustrated record of the months of painstaking work that went into designing the most frightening movie monster of them all. This glossy, high-quality illustrated diary, features sketches, original paintings, on-set photographs and finished movie stills.

Aug 18, 2014

Aliens VHD video disc

INFO: 2 VHD 4 Side
Rare format,Japanese version of CED Selectavision
VHD discs are 25 cm (9 5/6 inches) in diameter, and store up to 60 minutes of video per side. Each disc is stored in a caddy—like the rival selectavison system from RCA, also known as CED, the user never handled the disc directly. The entire caddy is inserted into the player, and then withdrawn, leaving the disc inside where it will be loaded and start playing. At the end of the side the disc must be removed, turned over and re-inserted.

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