Feb 10, 2012

RED DEAD REDEMPTION Soundtrack Red Vinyl

INFO: Double LP,Limited Edition

Track Listing:
Side A
1. Born Unto Trouble
2. The Shootist
3. Horseplay
4. The Outlaw's Return
5. Dead End Alley

Side B
6. Muertos Rojos (AKA The Gunslinger's Lament)
7. Luz y Sombra
8. El Club De Los Cuerpos
9. Estancia
10. Gunplay

Side C
11. Exodus in America
12. (Theme from) Red Dead Redemption
13. Triggernometry
14. Redemption In Dub
15. Already Dead

Side D
16. Far Away
17. Compass (Red Dead On Arrival Version)
18. Deadman's Gun
19. Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
20. Old Friends, New Problems **VINYL ONLY**

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